My name is Michal Stefanski. I was born in beautiful european country, Poland. For over 10 years I live in Chicago, working hard on my personal and musical growth.

Singing makes me happy on the stage, in the studio and in my everyday life. I put a lot of work into my music. Working hard on my vocals, songs, and lyrics, but also cooperating with many talented people from all around the world.

I love stage and contact with my audience. I deeply believe I was born to be on the stage ! So if you ever have chance to attend one of my shows do so and be my guest :-)

We will have a great oportunity to meet each other and spend some quality time with ... music
Who knows what else might happen as we will meet with all these magical sounds around us.

I share positive values. Deeply believe we will change this world for better but  remember that every change starts with us !!! with our every day dids, with unconditional love we give to others and all around us ...

Let's just look at our mirrors and " Make that change ... ! "

The better world starts with us, me & you , here & now ... yesss

r u ready for the ride with me ?

Michal Stefanski